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RAMSTAR Games Now Has Merchandise :)

Well, Hello There!

The title of this post says it all 🙂 RAMSTAR Games now has merchandise. Hooray!

As part of our long term strategy it has always been our goal to offer up merchandise to the board gamers of the world. We have lots of ideas that tie in nicely to board gaming and the community at large but they aren’t necessary board game ideas. So…

As a way to bring those ideas to fruition and offer them up to you, we are putting together a RAMSTAR Games store on our sister site Red Fracture. Red Fracture is run by Sean Chappell (one of the founders of RAMSTAR Games. That’s me!) and powered by Shopify so all the checkouts are fast and secure. Your information is safe with us!

What will we be offering?

At the moment, we’re selling on the artwork from Honey Bomb, our first tabletop game, in order to raise funds to purchase review / preview copies of the final game before we Kickstart in the spring 🙂 Each one has been lovingly hand painted by yours truly and it comes protected and ready to hang in a simple frame with a hexagonal mat emulating the tiles that comprise Honey Bomb. What better way is there to highlight your board game collection than with some original art from a soon to be hot property 😉 (we can dream!) As an added bonus, the price of each painting includes taxes and shipping. Right on!

Also, we’re offering up tees with some of our unique designs on them. I know, I know, tees are a dime a dozen but we know you’re really going to like the ideas that we’ve got already and the ones in development. Also, if you have any ideas of your own you’d like to see us develop, don’t hesitate to throw them out to us 🙂 We’re happy to design what you are looking for !

After we’ve got some tees established we’re going to branch out into other avenue of merchandise such as mugs, stickers and crafting supplies such as washi tape so stay tuned for fun and frequent updates 🙂 Things are getting exciting!

Want to see what we have already? Click on the pic below to go to the store 🙂

More soon!


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