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Hivernation is now on Tabletopia!

Well, Hello There!

Short and to the point this time…

I wanted to let you know that Hivernation is now up on Tabletopia for you to play and enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own home.

We knew at the beginning of the pandemic that traditional methods of board game interaction (such as conventions) were off the table (har, har) so we started offering up Hivernation in a Print & Play format. But, we realized quite quickly that Print & Play is disastrously outdated and we needed to find a new way to bring Hivernation to the public. That really only left us the internet to turn to.

To the RESCUE!

That meant that the RAMSTAR Games team needed to ‘tech-up’ tout-suite, digitize Hivernation and get it out to our fans as soon as possible! So, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been gently getting all of our game components organized on Tabletopia and Sabrina, one of the founding and amazing partners here at RAMSTAR Games helped me to get the play space set up on the virtual platform since my computer wasn’t up to the task. The old Acer has been a great word-processor but it’s not much of a 3D environment renderer 😉

After a few tweaks and getting a seasoned professional to take a peak at it to make sure the online set up made sense (thanks, Ike Brunicardi from Bantam Planet) we hit launch on that sucker and made Hivernation public!

Now you can go immerse yourself in it’s ‘elegant’** game play, completely free and safe 🙂 …so…why are you still here? (raises eyebrow)

Oh, you want the link. Here you go:


Enjoy the game then come back and see us to sign up for our email newsletter where you’ll be the first to know when we go live on Kickstarter on April 13th, 2021. Again, enjoy Hivernation!



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