Hivernation by Ramstar Games comes to the Who What Why? Podcast with Michael Bonet

Hivernation Comes To The Who What Why? Podcast

Well, Hello There!

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Bonet from the Who What Why? Podcast and what a great interview it was! I’ve been working hard to get opportunities to chat with the board game community and Mike, out of so many of my opportunities to chat with folks, presented himself as a very competent and very challenging interviewer. It was actually really refreshing to be put on the spot a few times and forced to think up answers to questions I’d never been asked before.

“Like what?”, you might ask.

Questions like, “What are you most excited about when in comes to the manufacturing process?” or “What are you most afraid of when it comes to the manufacturing process?” While they seem like similar questions on the surface I had very different answers to give Mike. What were they? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out 🙂

This was by far one of the best interviews that I’ve had the opportunity to do and I hope that you’ll give it the time to have a listen, perhaps in the car on the way to work or while you’re busy around the house. There’s always time for a good podcast!

Click the pic below to find the podcast and then give Mike a follow and a review if you’d be so kind. He’s got a great podcast that really deserves being boosted up, and not just because I was on it…although that certainly doesn’t hurt 😉

Hivernation by Ramstar Games comes to the Who What Why Podcast with Michael Bonet

Enjoy the show folks. For now, that is all.


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