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Hivernation Comes to The Thoughtful Gamer Podcast

Well, Hello There!

I had the very great pleasure the other day to chat with Marc Davis from The Thoughtful Gamer, a fantastic gaming podcast that has been running for sometime now and with some really big names in the industry having also been guests. Wowzers! I was in extremely esteemed company!

Marc was an amazing interviewer having done this for several years now and he didn’t leave any stones unturned. We chatted about the building of RAMSTAR Games as a company, where the idea of Hivernation came from and ultimately it’s growth into the game that it is today, the enjoyment of in-person meet ups and my extreme displeasure at the loss of conventions and ultimately about our next project which is still only fledgling but is growing gently in the background.

Marc has a fantastic website where you can learn all about him and his journey as The Thoughtful Gamer. I love that his review policy is based on honesty, optimism and humility and that he offers publisher services as well. Marc is very well rounded, very grounded as well in the board game hobby and community and I hope that I get the opportunity to chat with him again in the future or even meet up and shake his hand when conventions are a thing again (We’ll get there!)

You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and of course, if you click the link below you can listen to Marc and I chatting all things Hivernation! Enjoy the show 🙂


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