Hivernation by Ramstar Games and the Spoken Token Podcast talk board games and tabletop gaming.

Hivernation Comes to The Spoken Token

Well, Hello There!

As many of you know, I have been reaching out to the board gaming world in all directions, trying to introduce the Ramstar Games team, our project Hivernation and working to get to know other enthusiasts in the board gaming hobby. And enthusiasts is what I found on the Spoken Token podcast 🙂

Larry and Alex were very amiable hosts and we had a great conversation about all things Hivernation. They actually had a lot of interesting questions that other podcasters haven’t asked me in the past and that was very refreshing. We even had a chat about another game called Hive which has been on the market for awhile. Alex wanted to know what made our game different from it and ultimately, as he got his question in order…he answered it himself! It was a funny happenstance and I was more than happy to answer his question. Chances are, as we get deeper in to the board gaming world, we’ll be asked this question again about our old and new designs. We shall see 🙂

We also played a little game where we had to lay out (har, har) our top three tile laying games. I chose Mansions of Madness, Takenoko and Forbidden Island and I was introduced by Larry and Alex to several new games that I’d never heard of before. Thank you gents. Always happy to learn about new games 🙂

All told, the conversation was a winner and if you’d like to have a listen you can enjoy it in Youtube format right here in this blog post. Isn’t that nifty?

Enjoy the podcast and when you’re done, either follow The Spoken Token on Youtube or head to your favourite podcasting platform and give them a follow there. Larry and Alex are definitely worth listening to. Enjoy!


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