Hivernation by Ramstar Games talks to The Sartorial Geek Podcast about board games and tabletop gaming

Hivernation Comes To The Sartorial Geek

Well, Hello There!

I had the very great pleasure to chat with Jordan Ellis, host of the Sartorial Geek podcast recently. For those of you not in the know, The Sartorial Geek is a physical publication outlining all things geeky and nerdy and of course, Hivernation and tabletop gaming (more broadly) fit in under that category 🙂 On top of that Jordan and her partner, Dene, run a full on geek culture website full of articles, publications, merch and connections to the wide world of all things geeky! It’s really worth checking out 🙂

On top of that, you’ll find this amazing chat that I had with Jordan all about Hivernation. This was one of the very first chats that I had with a podcaster about our baby so I’m a little rough around the edges but I must admit, the amiable tone of the conversation and Jordan’s enthusiasm gave me the bug to keep on reaching out to podcasters. I really love the format and will continue to reach out to new podcasts as I find them 🙂

Enjoy the chat folks 🙂 It’s just over 25 minutes long so it’s a great listen while you do some small tasks around the house. Download it, fire it up and let the fantasy of board games and the Sartorial Geek make mowing the lawn a little more enjoyable.


Find out more about the Sartorial Geek here and subscribe to their podcast. It’s awesome!

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