Hivernation Comes to the Meeple Tavern Podcast

Well, Hello There!

I had the recent pleasure of being on the Meeple Tavern Podcast to talk all things Hivernation and board games with two really amazing gents, Christian Paquette and Jose Cortes. They were really generous to give me a moment to chat up Hivernation before we delved deep into some of our favourite expansions. They are in Germany and The Netherlands respectively and I love the fact that technology was able to connect 3 board game enthusiasts to have a rousing chats about our enjoyment of the hobby!

I of course brought up our difficulties with the Monster Box of Monsters expansion for Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (It’s soooo hard it makes Harry Potter un-fun which is a big fail for Kitty and I). Christian and Jose talked about their love for Champions of Midgard and Roll Player and the essential expansions that make those games soooo much better! In fact, Christian talked up Roll Player so well that I’m now on the look out for my own copy 🙂

Have a listen to this amazing and exciting episode below!

If you’d like to find out more about the hosts of The Meeple Tavern Podcast you can find them on Instagram (@lordmeeple, @joseb.cortes.). Of course, The Meeple Tavern Podcast can be found wherever fine, fine podcasts are hosted. Give this episode a listen and then give Meeple Tavern a follow! I’m sure they’ll be happy for your support.

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