Ramstar Games and Hivernation on the Meeple Mentor Podcast

Hivernation Comes to the Meeple Minutes Podcast

Well, Hello There!

What an amazing journey we’ve been on! 🙂 Not only have we been fortunate enough to develop up our very own tabletop game but we’ve been welcomed into, and become part of, one of the most active and vibrantly entertaining communities on the internet. “Which community is that?”, you might ask. You know which community I mean! Welcome, board game fanatics!

Part of that community is The Meeple Mentor, Jared and his co-host Jay. Not only are they a full on review service on Youtube with over 1000 followers but they also do a podcast which I was lucky enough to be invited onto to chat all things Hivernation.

We did have some technical difficulties at first so we spent the first 30 minutes of the interview troubleshooting our connection issues. That’s why the video below is not only an interview with me about Hivernation but also Taelmoor with The Delve Brothers. While I was dismayed by the loss of time for our interview, the video that has been put out is actually quite a nice format having more than one creator in one place. Now, fans of Hivernation get a chance to check out Taelmoor and vice versa. Always happy to meet new fans. 🙂

Anywho, enough of my banter! Let’s get on to the interview already! I’ve got it lined up for you below.

Enjoy the vid, and when you’re done, make sure to give The Meeple Mentor a follow on Youtube. They’ve got lots of great things to say and produce regular content of high value which I’m sure you’re going to enjoy!


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