Hivernation by Ramstar Games on The Board Game Workshop Podcast

Hivernation Comes to The Board Game Workshop

Well, Hello There!

In my search for opportunities to talk about Hivernation with the broader board gaming community I came upon a podcast which was right up our alley. It’s called the Board Game Workshop Podcast, hosted by Chris and Dustin and is focused specifically on board game designs and their designers (that’s US). Perfect!

It didn’t take us long to set up an opportunity to chat and it was a great chat too! It was really refreshing to talk to two gents who are board game designers themselves. They had really interesting questions, not the usual you’d expect from an entertainment based podcast. We got down to the nitty gritty of what a designer has to think about while navigating their way to board game excellence! Much of the conversation is still resonating with me and I’m sure I’ll be returning to it again and again.

Did you know that they hold a yearly design contest? If you’re an aspiring board game designer and you’d like to learn more about their Board Game Design Contest for 2021 just click here.

Would you like to hear the engaging chat that we had all about Hivernation and the processes of creating a board game from scratch? Of course you do! Just click the play button below and listen to the entire episode right here on Ramstar Games. And when you’re done with this episode why not give Chris and Dustin a follow? I’m sure they’d appreciate the support!


P.S. Sorry about my poor audio quality. My microphone was having a bad day.

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