A New Title for Our Bee Game

Hi everyone!

During the past month, after finalizing the packaging dimensions for our 2-player abstract strategy game based on bee behavior, we had an intense discussion on how to market and promote our game, and what we’d like to do as final touches to the game design. One of the topics that we revisited was the title of the game.

After some thought, we all agreed that Honey Bomb no longer suited the vision we had for the game, and we each contributed one alternative title to consider. The suggestions were as follows: Brawler Bees (Sabrina), Beehaven (Kit), and Sean (Hivernation). And then, well, we couldn’t decide on which title to go with.

So we decided to let other people assist us with that decision. We put polls out on social media, asked for feedback from gamers, board game designers, and board game marketers. While the results came in, we noticed that Hivernation and Beehaven were both favourites for different reasons. After some discussion on the tone of the two names and how they best reflected the game, we made our decision.

The new title of our game is…


When we discussed how we wanted to re-brand Hivernation, well, let’s just say there was a flood of ideas and we’re now moving into the final design phase of the game. Oh, and we have a rough idea of which month will be doing our Kickstarter, more on that when the time comes. For now, we’ve updated our promo images with the title change. And be prepared to see our rebranding evolve over the upcoming months as we also prepare for our Kickstarter.

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Love the change? Not happy about it? You’ve played the game and have feedback? Let us know. Click / tap here to tell us what you think. We’d love to hear form you.

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