Hi All!

I know that sounds like a strange way to start the very first blog post here on Ramstar Games but the title is also the truth; we’re back!

We took an unscheduled break from Honey Bomb when Covid 19 reared it’s ugly head and when I say “unscheduled” I’m speaking euphemistically. There are a lot of swears I’d love to throw at Covid 19 right now but I’ll defer due to the possible younger age of some of our online readers. Kitty, Sabrina and I were just about to commit to a hard push, putting our game in the hands of as many live players as possible so that Honey Bomb would be fresh in the minds of fans when we launched our Kickstarter. But, it all came to a screeching halt when the province of Ontario (and just about everywhere else) shut down all non-essential businesses.

Our library game nights? Gone. The gaming cafe visits we had planned? Gone. Breakout Con where we had paid advertising? Gone. Gryphcon, a convention conveniently located at Guelph University just minutes from our doors and also conveniently free? Gone. Even our one-on-one sessions we had to cancel for safety’s sake. We were really looking forward to meeting up with several local couples, and other gamers we’ve met through social media, who have been big supporters of Honey Bomb since the start of our journey. All that…gone too.

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So where have we been? Well, hunkered down, sheltering in place like the rest of y’all naturally but we’ve also been keeping an eye on the climate of the Covid 19 crisis hoping it would chill the hell out and let us to get back on track with our original plan but…that doesn’t look to be happening any time soon.

Many businesses in Canada continue to stay closed. All the conventions we might still have taken advantage of have been cancelled (including GenCon, yeesh!). The crisis in America is worsening and we don’t see the Canadian border opening any time soon. And of course, we hazard to get together with our friends because should we happen to get Covid 19 from the encounter or inadvertently give Covid 19 to someone else, then where would we be?

Nope, the only option we have now is to go fully electronic, not with Honey Bomb per se, but with how we talk about it, how we get people to interact with it and how we build a following for it. We were really enjoying the meet and greets we were doing and we were really enjoying making a whole lot of new friends. That in person touch is really important when connecting deeply with people, especially when what you’re connecting over is something that is so personal to you. That, we really are missing.

Well, there’s no use crying over spilled opportunities. It is now up to us to take to the internet, get on our keyboards, write posts like this and get back to the social media outreach that we’ve left dangling for the better part of six weeks. There will be some new videos produced for our Youtube channel as well, how-to’s on playing Honey Bomb and maybe we’ll even find a way to play Honey Bomb with others across the internet? We’ve got 15 tester packs that are just sitting around, idle. Anybody up for a game?

More on this soon. Please come find us on Instagram: @honey_bomb_game / Facebook: @honeybombgame and Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCltixuccE8B6Ot8b8iVJxKA . We hope to see you all very soon…virtually anyway 🙂

Stay safe out there and we’ll chat soon!


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