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RAMSTAR Games on the Tom Ray Art Podcast

Well, Hello There!

Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to be on a podcast out of Madison, Wisconsin hosted by Tom Ray. Tom is an independent business person with a thriving online retail business selling vintage items such as toys, records and other curios from the past as well as being in a band called Lorenzo’s Music. In fact, he has his hands in a lot of different pies and I’d describe him as a serial entrepreneur.

The first time I was on the podcast (it was titled American Bandito at the time) was at the beginning of my journey into self-sustaining entrepreneurship in late 2019. At the time, we talked about the business course I was in from the Waterloo Region Small Business Centre and where I was going with my fine art business Red Fracture. This time around I got to talk to Tom about the year that past, the ups and downs of Covid 19, my revelations about fine art and where it is going (or not going) for me and how RAMSTAR Games has come to the fore and game creation is now taking up all my time.

Check it out below and if you think your own story might be good for Tom Ray’s Art Podcast (new title!), reach out to him. He’s really open and really friendly and great to talk to. And check out some of his past episodes too! He’s a great interviewer and a pleasure to chat to.

Some links to find out more about Tom Ray and the podcast:

Tom Rays Art Podcast – lots of great podcast here with all kinds of artists from all over North America

Tom Ray’s Website – Find out more about ALL the things that Tom get’s up to.


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