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RAMSTAR Games Now Has Colouring Sheets!

Well, Hello There!

Just a quick post this time around 🙂

A new initiative at RAMSTAR Games has started, and it comes in the form of colouring sheets! How exciting!

As a way to support parents who have very young children who aren’t ready to play board games yet OR as a colourful distraction for kids who aren’t old enough to play the games their parents want to play (see Eldritch Horror), we’re offering FREE, downloadable colouring sheets. Let’s face it, board gaming is a family affair and keeping kids entertained while their parents wage battle for the future of humanity (or do something equally as taxing but a little less dire such as making wine in Viticulture) is equally as important.

To begin with, we’re offering up a look into the activities of Bruce the Bear, one of the characters from our game Honey Bomb; his before and after regimens supporting his position in the game. As you know, Bruce is a blocker in the game, turning all other bee tiles around his placement into blockers as well.

What is a blocker? you might ask.

In the game of Honey Bomb, a blocker is a tile that cannot be played through. So, if Bruce the Bear (or one of his bee tile conscripts) stands between you and the move that you want to make, you’re going to have to rethink it. Just check out that NO! stance and the determination in Bruce’s eyes. Good luck if you want to move through Bruce! I feel Bruce would be a very effective bouncer if he was ever looking for work outside of Honey Bomb!

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Just look at that raw determination! What focus!

New designs will be added to our running list of colouring sheets about every other week so check back often to see what’s new. Some will be drawn by me, Sean Chappell, and others by Sabrina Scalarini. Alternately, you can sign up to receive our newsletter and we’ll send an update right to your inbox. Easy! Also, if you or your kids have new ideas for colouring sheets you’d like to see us produce, don’t hesitate to prod us with the idea 🙂

For now, that is all. Happy colouring!


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