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Honey Bomb Postponed

Hi There!

If the title of this blog post didn’t give away its contents then let me clarify…

It is with a sad heart that we have to announce the postponement of Honey Bomb’s Kickstarter campaign. We’ve come to realize that the project is facing difficult manufacturing and shipping conditions right now and we’re not ready to handle the pivot that will be necessary to bring Honey Bomb to Kickstarter and give it the best opportunity it has to fund without a bit of time.

I’d personally like to thank Sabrina Scalarini, Ramstars very own super-crafter and videographer for producing such a stunning project video that we think will knock the socks off of backers with its professionalism and its unique style. I’d also like to thank Kit Daven, Ramstars resident writer, mega researcher and media consultant for climbing out of her comfort zone and reaching out to media channels that we ALL may have avoided without her diligence and effort. Everything that has been created WILL get used for our refocused campaign in the spring of 2021.

Ramstar Games, Honey Bomb, honey bomb game, board game, tabletop game

Honey Bomb is going through a few growing pains as it tries to present its most mature self. We will be retooling our approach to Honey Bomb and how we’re going to bring it to you, throughout the winter. Come the spring, you can bet that Honey Bomb will be in tiptop shape and ready to hit Kickstarter with its best foot forward 🙂

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For now, that is all. Chin up!


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