Ramstar Games and Hivernation come to The Which Game First Podcast with a live playthrough

Hivernation Comes to Which Game First

Well, Hello There!

What can I say about Which Game First? Amazing! Astounding! Astronomical! Ok, that’s enough of that!

Not all of the opportunities that I went questing for were as cut and dry as the Board Game Design Podcast. When I got in touch with Which Game First there was a lot of back and forth about getting a physical prototype of Hivernation to them. Unfortunately, because we had limited funds and limited means we weren’t able to get one to them. But…

Since Hivernation is up on Tabletop Simulator (you can find it HERE) we decided to do a live play through with the whole crew from Which Game First and it was a blast! What a riot those four are. I can see why they like to game together.

Although we had a few technical issues at the beginning, we did get everything organized into a fun test play session. I got to be the referee which was a good position for me. It took me out of the game and allowed others to enjoy the full experience of Hivernation without having a seasoned player at the table. Want to see how it went?

Check it out at the link below to see the entire session. After that, give Which Game First a follow on their Youtube channel. You won’t be sorry!


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