Ramstar Games and Hivernation of Tabletop Arcanum Podcast

Hivernation Comes to the Tabletop Arcanum Podcast

Well, Hello There!

It’s amazing all the people who you’ll meet as you delve into the world of board games. Justin Taylor from Tabletop Arcanum is just one of those interesting people. 🙂 I reached out to Justin back in February and he was kind enough to have me on the show even though he was expecting twins at the time! Day job. Podcast. Twins arriving soon. He shouldn’t be in to board games, he should be in to juggling! 😉

We had a great chat, Justin and I, about Hivernation and the hobby of board games in general and he asked me some unique questions around the theme of our game. Don’t believe me? Just give the the podcast a listen below! It’s only 20 minutes which won’t take up your whole day but it will give you a good idea as to what Hivernation (and Tabletop Arcanum) is all about.

Enjoy the podcast and when you’re done listening, make sure to give Justin a follow. I’m sure at this point, with his hands full of new, tiny human beings, he’d be happy for your support!


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