Ramstar Games and Hivernation come to The Night Nerd Podcast

Hivernation Comes to The Night Nerd Podcast

Well, Hello There!

In case you were wondering, The Night Nerd, a podcaster shrouded in mystery and talked about in whispers, is actually Lance Stanford and he’s a really friendly and open gent. I love the format of his podcast, broadcasting almost every day something new about the nerdverse in a variety of categories; movies, music, comic books, board games, video games and more.

Talk about dedication. Lance has over 1000 episodes so far in his career and, based on the fact that we played Hivernation live over the Fan Expo network only a few days ago, I don’t think he’ll be stopping any time soon.

Lance has a naturally calm disposition and an endearing laugh that will have you listening raptly as we chat all things Hivernation. And at just over 20 minutes, it’s an easy listen to squeeze in to even the busiest of days.



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