Hivernation by Ramstar Games on the Girl Meets Nerd Podcast

Hivernation Comes To The Girl Meets Nerd Podcast

Well, Hello There!

I had the recent pleasure of chatting with Megan and her partner Tristan from the Girl Meet Nerd Podcast. Megan and Tristan don’t live too far from me, just up the road, and when we were making an attempt to launch Hivernation back in November, 2020, they agreed to give Hivernation a whirl for us and put out a series of social media posts to help us out! Sweet.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen (we postponed) and the third iteration copy of Hivernation that we leant them travelled all the way to Nova Scotia…where it still is. Megan has confirmed that she’s not really quite sure where they left it BUT it is somewhere in another province. I hope whomever finds it, has a great time…because they will!

But enough of my chatter! Want to hear the interview? Well, of course you do! It was really fun, with a lot of laughing and a great deal of info about Hivernation. Don’t miss it! Click the podcast below to give it a listen and then give Megan and Tristan from the Girl Meets Nerd Podcast a follow. 🙂 They deserve your support.


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