Hivernation by Ramstar Games on OMG Nexus and flipping table with Sean Evans and Tycko

Hivernation Comes To Flipping Tables with OMG Nexus

Well, Hello There!

If there’s one thing this journey has taught me is that you don’t have to look very far to find board gamers. Sometimes, they’re right in your own backyard. Case in point, while I was sourcing reviewers for Hivernation during the run up to our Kickstarter campaign, I was contacted by Sean Evans from OMG Nexus and Flipping Tables.

Sean Evans and his partner in crime Tycko were interested in giving Hivernation a run through and seeing as how they were just up the street from me it seemed like a no-brainer to run a prototype up to them and let them have a go at it! And go at it they did. Not only did Sean and Tycko give Hivernation a good play through (several in fact in which Tycko lost every game. Sorry Tycko) but they also had me on the channel for an interview. It was hilarious good fun!

Their review of the game is right below so if you’d like to see an unbiased look at our game from two professionals who have been at this for some time then go no further! Give it a watch and then give OMG Nexus a follow on Youtube. Sean and Tycko are tireless and put out new content regularly and they love to review indie games. So, if you’re looking for reviewers for your game, give OMG Nexus a call 🙂 – BEE sure to subscribe to their channel!



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