Sean Chappell from RAMSTAR Games chats Hivernation with Stuart Neild from Are You Board?

Hivernation comes to Are You Board?

Well, Hello There!

I wanted to share the good news! I recently had the great pleasure of chatting all things Hivernation with Stuart Neild from Are You Board? a radio program out of England. While I’m sorry that I won’t be able to share the radio broadcast with you I have the video of our chat that Stuart released to his Youtube channel which is even better! In the video not only will you get introduced to myself, Stuart and our game Hivernation but you’ll get to meet Skye, one of our obstreperous Tonkinese cats. If there’s a chance to be on camera, she’ll take it!

It’s funny, but as I was researching podcasts to reach out to about Hivernation I stumbled upon Stuart and his video discussion with Nicky from Kosmos Games. In my continued research I found out that Stuart was friends with Karen Dales.

“Who is Karen Dales?”, you might ask.

She happens to be a very well respected fantasy and horror author our of Canada who is a personal friend of my wife Kit Daven! Isn’t that amazing? It’s a small world after all!

Here’s the video in it’s entirety. After you’ve had a view, sign up for free a Youtube account and follow Stuarts journey by subscribing to his channel. I’m going to curate this video to RAMSTAR Games’ channel as well so you can always find it there! Feel free to follow us as well. There’s sure to be more amazing content coming soon!


P.S. Stuart Neild also happens to be a horror author. Find out more about his written works here.

Perhaps this is not the most flattering still from our chat to leave as the intro image to the video 😉 but I’m happy for the opportunity so I’ll take it 😉 Thanks Stuart!

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