For the Love of RPG’s!

Hello All!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sabrina and one third of the Ramstar Team! I’m an avid crafter, maker and artist. One of the lesser-known secrets about me is I am also a gamer, and I particularly LOVE RPG style games.

I grew up playing Mario and Tetris, but Legends of Zelda was where I really spent most of my time. Then one day, I finally got myself a PlayStation 1 with my first paycheck from Zellers. The game I purchased to play first was the iconic Final Fantasy VII, and for the love of RPG, that was it! I was a goner. I fell in love with everything that was that game: the world they had built, the characters, the story, oh the story! It punched me right in the feels it did. (You know exactly what cutscene I am talking about if you have played it.)

From there more Final Fantasy games ensued, as well as Legends of Mana, and Lunar: A Silver Star Story, to name a few, but was this enough for me? Nope! I wanted more. So naturally the transition to Pathfinder, and D&D was the next logical choice. These were the ultimate in character creation and world building: getting together with friends around a table, getting fully immersed into the characters we so painstakingly created and cared for, exploring the worlds while laughing and escaping into our fantasy world for a few hours each week. 

I soon got the bug to be a DM. My journey had only just begun in 2020, but I have learned so much and have so much respect for Dungeon Masters. Without them and their dedication to world building we wouldn’t have the great adventures we had every week.

When the topic of RPG-inspired enamel pins came up among the Ramstars, I was adamant that we needed to show the DM some love! And I must say Sean really knocked it outta the ballpark when he designed a reversable DM pin that highlights both sides of the Dungeon Master. 

Love for all those DM’s!

I’m so excited and happy to share these pin designs with all of you. They are not meant to be for any one game, but for all the love of RPG out there. I know I can’t pick just one to love, nor should I have to. ;P

So, Adventurers, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to help us spread the word and love for a genre of game that builds communities, friendships, and stories for us to remember for the rest of our lives.

And for the love of RPG, remember to have fun out there!

Until we meet again,


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