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3 Must Listen Developer Podcasts from Meeple Marketing

Well, Hello There!

This past week, while working on behind the scenes research for RAMSTAR Games and Honey Bomb, Kit Daven (aka Kitty) stumbled upon a podcast that was new to us. The most recent episode was a discussion between the host and guest about marketing board games and navigating advertisements.

Since we’re in the market for upping our marketing game, Kitty and I decided to settle in with notepads and pens to see what nuggets of wisdom we could glean.

The program in question was the Meeple Marketing podcast hosted by Nalin Chuapetcharasopon (now with 30+ interviews), and the episode we listened to featured Brenna Noonan. Nalin herself has been helping professionals successfully crowdfund their tech and game campaigns for 5 years now and continues to help out with her podcast and other social media outreach. Find out more about Nalin at her website: https://meeplemarketing.com.

After taking copious notes and really enjoying this podcast, I went searching through Nalin’s backlog of episodes and found a few other gems that I think are worthy of pointing out. They are listed below in chronological order.

#1. Navigating Ads with Brenna Noonan

This was the podcast Kitty and I listened to together. Brenna Noonan is the co-founder of Quillsilver Studio. In this podcast you’ll learn from Brenna about pre-promotion time lines, testing ads, her suggested Cost-per-Click ratio for Facebook ads, using stories on Instagram, cycling ads, using email marketing, and when to ramp up your ad spend during a Kickstarter. I’d highly recommend starting here.

#2. Marketing Yourself as a Game Designer with Emma Larkins

Emma is a Co-host on the Ludology podcast, is active with GenCon streaming, runs a digital play test group on Discord and talks about marketing advice, using Tabletop Simulator, where to find test play groups online and the strengths of a variety of social media platforms. Not only is this a great podcast but Emma sounds like a really well-rounded individual who has a lot of her own content and community to offer. When you’re done listening, give Emma a quick thank-you and a hello. She’ll be happy to meet you.

#3. Networking in the Industry as a Publisher with Rachael Blaske

Hear from Rachael about how she did a ton of research before going to her first convention and how it helped her, her #1 tip for making your business card memorable, how make time to be friends has been the cornerstone of her success, how to be a very serious con-goer and networker and, ultimately, a connector. If you’re a bit on the introvert side and looking to break-out, Rachael has a bunch of strategies that will help you! Give this one a listen for sure 🙂

Now, these are only three of the episodes that are available from Nalin’s podcast. Many of the others listed on her website Meeple Marketing talk with specific designers about specific projects and I’m sure ALL of them have something to teach us.

Now that I’ve introduced you to this podcast, the announcer, and three of its fantastic guests, I hope you’ll reach out to the folks who helped you out today and start making your own connections and community around your special project. Everyone here is on social media and, as the example seems to hold true, all of them are happy to chat and give advice about board games and board game marketing.

P.S. Don’t forget, SOME people get paid for these services. (Yes, it’s their merry-maker and their money-maker.) So please be happy if they’re advice comes with a time limit, a data cap, or a request to set up a formal relationship where money will be exchanged.

For now, that is all.

Rockin! 🙂

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