Scrolls & Daggers

On November 20th, we fully funded at 133% with 43 Backers and both stretch goals unlocked. 🙂

The Ranger, The Rogue, and The Fighter will be manufactured and presented
on custom Kickstarter exclusive backing cards and a free Scrolls & Daggers mini pin.

As of Nov 4th, we funded 100%. We’re still live and pushing for more pledges to meet our first stretch goal, backing cards for the pins. Make sure to come out and support us! Please and thank you. 🙂

Need to expand your pin collection?
Want to wear your Adventurer status in pride?
Or perhaps you’re a DM wanting to deepen the campaign experience by gifting pins to your Adventurers?

Let our artful Scrolls & Daggers hard enamel pins
satisfy your collector and gamer needs with their detailed and iconic designs.

The classic Adventurers we’ve selected for our first set of enamel pins are inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. The set contains 13 pins designs: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Conjurer, Druid, Fighter, Gladiator, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, White Mage, and Wizard. The 13th pin is a unique reversible design for the often overlooked Dungeon Master. Designed for DMs who are either generous with rewards or challenge their Adventurers, wear or display this pin in the orientation that best suits your mood.

Our first attempt to crowdfund Scrolls & Daggers enamel pins resulted in 92%. Bummer, we know. But hey, two really cool things came out of this.

The first is we actually received requests for digital files and stickers, and we had a few people who missed the campaign ask where they could buy them. Also, we even had a few small local retailers reach out and offer to sell them as well.

The second cool thing to happen, based on feedback from our previous Kickstarter survey and polls we posted on our social media accounts, we found out what designs fans resonated with the most.

This time around for our new Kickstarter, we’re crowdfunding for the top three most popular pins in the set, which are the Ranger, the Rogue, and the Fighter. We’re calling this first trio of designs from our set as Scenario 1.

The New Scrolls & Dagger enamel pin campaign launched on Kickstarter
October 22, 2021!

Help us meet our fundraiser goal so we can design more in this set! 😉