Winter is coming! Queen Zizi must save her hive from the Drones, who are laying around gorging on a limited supply of honey. If Queen Zizi and her children are going to survive until the Spring, the Drones must go! She calls on her Workers to, “Toss. Them. OUT!” But the Drones are comfortable and content and won’t leave without a fight! Let the battle begin…

  • Place Queen Zizi in the center of your play space.
  • Deal 20 Drone tiles and 3 specialty tiles to the first player. Deal 20 Worker tiles and 3 specialty tiles to the second player.
  • Take turns building a hive around Queen Zizi.
  • Capture your opponents tiles or use your specialty tiles to modify game play.
  • The winner is the player with more of their bees face up at the end of the game!
Ramstar Games - Hivernation is - Title
Ramstar Games - Hivernation is Intimate Game Play

Hivernation provides solid, head-to-head interaction! Bring your strategy ‘A’ game when challenging friends and frenemies alike and walk away from the table with a smile…and a new friend.

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Ramstar Games - Continuous Engagement

There are no breaks in a game of Hivernation. Even when you’re not actively playing a tile you’ll be calculating your opponents next move and your counter to it!

The RamSTARS have worked hard to strip Hivernation down to its essence! The mechanics are clean, universal and easy to learn. Spend time playing, not reading the rule book.

Ramstar Games - Hivernation is Quick Setup - the tiles of Hivernation

Did we mention you should spend time playing? Hivernation comes organized with an insert that allows for a 30 second set up time. Get playing right away. Easy!

Ramstar Games - hivernation title - watch it played

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